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This website is now closed!

Hello! Please ntoe that this website is now closed!

Our brand new website is locateed at

We're now bang up to date with social media too, you can interact with on on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to our RSS feed.

We'd love to hear from you, so if you want to get in touch, just contact us here.

Bye for now!

New website launched!

Hello! Yep, that's right, you may have noticed our website is a 'tad' different. I use the word 'tad' losely as you couldn't have got much more different than the old layout!

What is happening to the site? Nothing, the site still remains totally free for both employers looking for staff and people looking for work in the Canary Islands. We do have a few new features such as our new newsletter, click here to sign up and get on the mailing list. We will keep you up to date with everything that is going on in the Canary Islands. We also now offer employers the chance to 'feature' their vacancies on the homepage, for which we have introduced a small fee (we have to pay the bills somehow!).

Apart from the new design, everything else remains pretty much the same. The forum is still there is its old format with all the original jobs.

We're now bang up to date with social media too, you can interact with on on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to our RSS feed.

We'd love to hear from you, so if you want to get in touch, just contact us here.

Bye for now!

So how are the Canaries doing?

Hi all, long time no blog (again!).

If you are visiting the Canaries, or are planning on going over to work, let us know about it and help other by blogging!

So, how are the Canaries doing through the times of recession? Well, not very well is the truth. It is known that tourism in the Canaries have been in decline for many years now (back to 12 years from my memory) but they are suffering even more now due to the recession in other countries from where the main tourism originates from. That said, maybe now is a good time to go over to the Canaries and start up a new business, if you have the patience (and of course the money). From speaking to many friends, contacts and businesses things are still very slow.

If you are heading over, be patient!

All the best!

New 'Accommodation' threads on the forum

Hi all,

We have some new additions to the forum, there is now a part of the forum where you can post your requests and offers for accommodation.

So if you're heading over to the Canaries you can check out the forum for any accommodation available or post what you are looking for.

We hope you find our new addition to the forum of use.

Bye for now!

Long time no blog!

Hi all, long time no blog! Thanks to all the members for posting on the forum, and to the employers for posting their vacancies.

Also you can now follow us on Facebook, search for 'Jobs in the Canaries'! Why not join the group?!

There are now nearly 3.000 members on the site, thanks to all of you for joining the forum and posting useful info for others.

Happy job hunting in the Canaries!


Gizza job !

I've noticed recently on the forum ( that there seem to be a lot of people posting job requests that may... well... be hampering their chance of getting a job.

Before posting, may I suggest you check through the text you are going to post?

Check for spelling, for example. Employers will think twice about employing you if there are spelling mistakes in your post.

The text itself. Try not to just write a few lines like 'I want a job...'. If you haven't used the CV facility we have on the forum, give the employer some info (who you are, why you are looking for work, etc...).

Contact details. Remember you are posting on a public forum which is heavily indexed by Google. If you are going to leave contact details they may be visible to all, so will your CV and its content.

Remember that it is a tough market in the Canaries at the moment and you may only get one shot at catching the employers attention.

Happy posting!

A contribution from an employer

Here at we asked some employers to make a contribution for our blog, here is the first one we received and contains some great advice, please take the time to read it!

Before you move out to the Canary Islands to work, please read the following advice, it may save you some heartache in the near future.

I hear about and meet so many people that come to the islands on holiday for a week or two and decide that they want to move out here permanently. They go back to the UK thinking that this is a paradise and it's an easy life. Well, part of that is true, it is a paradise, we have sunshine pretty much all year round wit hthe occasional cloudy or even rainy day. The cost of living is cheap and there is not much crime. All this is true and it's what makes living in the Canaries such a great thing. But please do not think that when you move out here it is going to be like your week or fornights holiday (unless you have lots of money and are coming here to retire!). As I was saying, I meet a lot of people that move out here that have been here on holiday maybe once or twice and decide that they want to leave the UK and start a new life over here, for whatever reason, so the story normally goes like this:

- Week (or two) holiday on one of the islands.

- Return to the UK (and its weather).

- Decide that it's time to move somewhere nice and sunny.

- Sell house, car, etc...

- Take kids out of school.

- Move to one of the islands.

- Get roped into taking out the lease on a bar (or restuarant) thinking it's an easy life.

- Invest all your money into the business (like the previous tenants) and end up moving back to the UK with no money.

This may seem extremely negative feedback and comments but I have seen it happen SO many times I feel some people need to be warned out it.

If you want to move here you should:

- Spend some time here, come over for a month, maybe a fortnight on-peak and another one off-peak.

- Travel the island.

- Talk to people, people that have been here a while.

- Prepare your CV, use one of your visits to spend all your time distributing your CV and speaking to businesses that you may be interested in working for, it has already been mentioned that you will not get a job just by emailing CV's out from home, people are going to want to meet you. businesses in the Canaries are much smaller than the UK so they will want to meet you.

- While you are here, look at the opportunities that are available. DO NOT attempt to open/run/lease another bar, the islands are full of them already and all struggling for business. This may seem like poor/radical advice, but please take it from someone that has lived here for years and sees it happening on a very regular basis. A bar may seem like an ideal option to do a little work while sat in the sun, but you will need to earn money to pay the bills!

This is just some advice that I would like to offer you, and will write out more soon. My words may seem harsh but I feel it needs to be said. You have to work hard, probably harder here than in the UK. As the previous contributor has mentioned.

Thanks to for asking me to contribute to the Blog, it has been most enjoyable.

Thanks to our contributor, please feel free to leave any comments below, we look forward to hearing from you.

Some advice

Hi all!

Thanks for all your comments on the new blog! We are glad you find it a useful tool. As mentioned, we will be featuring various articles on the Blog, and here is one of them. It is some advice that we received from an employer in the Canary Islands, he has kindly given up some time to put fingers to keyboard to provide some advice for all you people looking for work in the Canaries.


Some of these things may be obvious, but I hope the info will help your visitors.

Firstly, you need to know that the economic climate in the Canaries is not the best it has been for a long time. This is not intended to put you off, but is an honest view of the situation we are currently going through at the moment. Having said that, there are plenty of opportunities for hard working people in nearly all sectors. We see a lot of people coming over to work thinking that work here in the Canaries is all sun and sea but that is far from the truth. The islands offer a great quality of life, that is true, but you have to work hard to make any decent money, as i'm sure is the case pretty much anywhere in the world. Also note that while the cost of living is cheaper here, the wages are also less than in the UK.

Also don't forget that there are already people here that are also looking for work that may already have some experience of working in the Canaries.

Secondly, as would also be the case in anywhere else in the world, please do not expect to be employed by simply sending your CV. Employers are going to want to meet you before you get a job here. My suggestion for this is that you do indeed send out your CV to as many people as you can and explain your situation, and then line up as many interviews as you can and then i'm afraid that you will have to invest in your future and travel over to meet your prospective employers. I appreciate that this will be expensive for you, but as I mentioned, you will not get anyone to employ you via email.


We'll post more in the next coming days. Please feel free to post comments on this post.

The Blog for 'Jobs in the Canaries'

Welcome to a new section of the website, a blog for Jobs in the Canaries!

'Moving forward' with the times, we thought that we would include a 'blog' section on the site, which would give visitors the chance to easily share their experiences with other visitors and, hopefully, add their views on aspects such as:

- Making the move to the Canaries, whether it be Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria or Fuerteventura and dropping everything for a job in the sun!

- How easy/difficult it was to get a job.

- What it is like now you have a dream job in the sun...

So we'd like to hear from you! If you are thinking of coming to the islands to work we'd love to hear your story bit by bit as you make the move. Please contact us at and we will give you an account to post your story here on our new blog, which may then help others with their dream to come and work in the sun!

To post on the blog you will need an account, which we are happy to give you (the more the merrier!) but you can post comments without having to be logged in.

Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you!